Teaching Method


This exclusive program focuses on the structure of the language and aims at having the student gradually start thinking in Spanish. Grammar topics are carefully taught and sequenced.

There are five levels:

  • Beginner
  • Beginner/intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate/advanced
  • Advanced

From the time you reach the beginner/intermediate level, you will be able to learn the language concentrating on any particular area of your interest or profession. Vocabulary is organized around topics and themes of use and interest to the student.

Some orientations include:

  • Spanish language for International Businesses
  • Art History and Visual Arts in Spanish
  • Politics and Community issues in Spanish
  • Latin American and Spanish culture, history, and literature.
  • Business and finance.
  • Medical Spanish.
  • Spanish for the media/entertainment industry.
  • Spanish for travelers.


Ms. Cukier creates most of the material used in her classes. In addition she makes use of the book Español en Español by Nicolas Shumway and its accompanying audio material.

To supplement her personal material and techniques she also chooses a wide range of exercises and activities from different books, movies and from a few activities available on line.

You’ll be speaking Spanish comfortably no matter how hesitant you may be. You will be actively practicing everything you learn through dialogues, interactive exercises, and fluency oriented guidance.